Green Tea Break with Origami

Do you have free time during your stay in Tokyo? If so, why not learn and feel the spirit of Japanese culture through origami lesson along with having a bowl of green tea and listening to a mini lecture on Japanese culture.

Origami, which is the traditional Japanese art of folding a square shaped paper into various figures such as birds, flowers and many other things without using scissors or paste. It has been popular pastime among Japanese children.

After folding origami with the master in your hotel room, you can stick the origami you folded on a special paper board to take home for display.

  • The instructor will visit your hotel room. The instructor will serve you a cup of green tea (matcha) with Japanese sweets and start off with a short lecture about origami.
  • No art experience is required but your artistic sense will appear in your work!
  • Please bring back the paper board decorated with your origami work to display in your home.
Tour size:Private (minimum 2people)
Price:Tour fee of ¥15,000/person.
Tour Fee Includes:Green tea serving with Japanese sweets, origami lesson and a paper board with your origami works
Tour Fee Not Included:-
Duration:1~2 hour
Cancellation Policy:No refunds without exception for no-shows or cancellations within 7 days of the scheduled tour day (Japan time).
Weather:This tour is not cancelled for weather except in extreme circumstances (e.g., typhoons) in which case we will contact you and refund your payment in full.
Physical Activity:Light
Wi-fi:Follow the situation in your hotel room.
Photos/Protocols:Photography is allowed anytime during this experience.
Directions to Starting Point:At your hotel room in central Tokyo. (If you want to have this experience outside of your hotel room, please enquiry for details.)
Note:*Details will be provided after you register.

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