Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

AMENDMENT: This agreement constitutes the Terms and Conditions of Use as set forth by koi Travel Inc, participating travel agent and you the “Guest”. Koi Travel Inc. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Use from time to time without notice. Your continued use of this site constitutes acceptance of any amendments, additions, or modifications to this agreement.

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: Registration of Guest is not confirmed until the confirmation email is delivered from koi Travel.

AGE: Guests under 15 must be accompanied by a parent or other legally responsible person. Guests between ages 15-19 may participate alone if valid written permission is provided.

OBLIGATION OF koi Travel: koi Travel reserves the right to make changes in a tour itinerary due to unforeseen external circumstances, with best efforts to deliver an equivalent experience to that offered. In case of failure to deliver tour as promised, koi Travel’s liability is strictly limited to the cost of the tour paid by the Guest. In no case is koi Travel responsible for any consequential damages.

CANCELLATION POLICY: For any tours, refund amount is 90% and the cancellation deadline is 120 hours before starting time of the tour. No refunds are given under any circumstances for no-shows or cancellations after the specified cancellation deadline for any tour.

NEEDED INFO/PRIVACY: Guests must provide some limited personal information required to help assure their safety and security during a tour and for orderly conduct of the tour. Koi Travel will strictly limit use of such personal information to a need-to-know basis for koi Travel staff and its contractors and will dispose of such information in a reasonable time frame upon completion of a tour unless legally required otherwise.

TOUR STARTING POINT: Guests are responsible for arriving at the tour starting point as notified before the start time of the tour. No refunds are given to Guests who miss all or part of a tour due to failure to arrive at start point on time.

PASSPORTS AND VISAS REQUIREMENTS: Guests are required to hold a valid passport and maintain appropriate visas traveling to Japan.

SAFETY: Guests must follow instructions of guides and other koi Travel staff and also of local authorities such as train conductors or police, and Guests must exercise common sense in their actions. Concerning harm to Guests such as theft or injury, koi Travel is only responsible when koi Travel is clearly negligent in its operations. koi Travel is not responsible in any other circumstances.

MEDICAL: If a Guest needs medical attention for an illness during a tour, koi Travel guide or staff will make best effort to obtain assistance from appropriate medical or public safety authorities. koi Travel does not provide health insurance coverage of guests for illnesses during tours. All medical expense for illness are responsibility of the Guest at Guest’s own risk, and Guests are advised to hold or obtain appropriate health insurance coverage for their trip.

BEHAVIOR: Guests promise to behave with respect towards other Guests, hosts at tour venues, public authorities, other persons present in public places, and koi Travel guides and staff. Behavior that creates disturbance to others or a safety to risk to others or to the Guest, or risk of such behavior as judged by koi Travel, may result in expulsion of Guest before or during a tour, or other action judged appropriate by koi Travel, with no refund to Guest and no responsibility by koi Travel for such behavior of Guest and its consequences during or after the tour. The above includes respect for privacy and intellectual property of others with regards to photos or other recording media.

NO POSSESSION OR CONSUMPTION OF ILLEGAL DRUGS OR OTHER ILLEGAL ACTS DURING A TOUR: Any such act will result in immediate expulsion from the tour regardless of location or other circumstances and koi Travel can assume no responsibility for such behavior or any consequences. koi Travel may also take other actions it judges appropriate in such circumstances.

CONSENT: Registration for a tour is considered to indicate consent of the Guest and all members of Guest’s party to these Terms and Conditions of Use. In any dispute not resolvable through good faith direct discussion between parties, the laws of Japan will be the applicable law.