Tokyo Town Walking (Yanesen & Harajuku)

Discover the real Tokyo, both historical and modern with a local! You will naturally see the contrast between east west parts of central Tokyo.

Starting at Nippori station at 10:30am, we will first visit Yanaka in the old part of Tokyo and its shopping street, busy with local customers looking for glossaries and daily goods. We will then visit a local shrine, a calm and spiritual place with iconic red torii gates.

We will then move to the chic Omotesando area and have lunch at a buckwheat soba restaurant loved by locals. Soba in walnut sauce is the recommended dish but there are many other mouth-watering dishes for you to choose from!

After lunch, we will stroll through Omotesando and Harajuku’s Takeshita Street, a street of teenage fashion and pop culture. We will observe the colorful fashion of local girls, enjoy crepes from stands, and take prikura photos together. The tour finish at Harajuku station around 4:30pm.

This tour will be in a small group of up to 12 and will be led by a local guide who will explain the culture and history of each place we visit.

* Fully guided one-day tour (approx. 6 hours). If you prefer half-day tour, please contact us.

Tour Type:Private Tour
Price:Tour fee of ¥36,000/group, all taxes covered.
Tour Fee Includes:Walking tour with an experienced English speaking guide.
Tour Fee Not Included:*Travel expenses and lunch (within ¥2,000, cash needed) are not included in this tour fee.
*You can enjoy photo booth (¥400/shot, cash needed).
Duration:Approx. 4 hours including transportation
Cancellation Policy:No refunds without exception for no-shows or cancellations within 120 hours of start of tour.
Weather:This tour is not cancelled for weather except in extreme circumstances (e.g., typhoons) in which case we will contact you and refund your payment in full.
Physical Activity:Hard Walking (more than 6km)
*Please wear comfortable shoes.
Wi-fi:Public wi-fi is not available along most of the route of this tour.
Photos/Protocols:Your guide will advise but photography is allowed for most parts of the tour.
Directions to Starting Point:Pick up at your hotel
Note:*Guide contact will be provided after you register.

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