Tokyo Foodies Crawl in Kanda, Salary-men’s Town

Sushi, Sukiyaki, Yakitori, Ramen are of course must-eat foods that represent Japanese cuisines. But local Japanese people do not eat them every day. Are you interested in tasting what locals enjoy? This tour takes you to an authentic salary-men town, Kanda and crawl several restaurants and bars crowded with local office workers (almost) without foreign tourists. And do not forget observing your surrounding as you walk through the town, because it is a great opportunity to see how ordinary people are living in Tokyo.

• Meet at JR Kanda station at 18:00
• Crawling restaurants and bars. Enjoy local cuisines among locals!
• Return to Kanda station at 21:00

*Restaurants and bars usually cover sushi, yakitori, local izakaya and sake bar but subject to change depending on condition.

Tour Type:Private Tour (2~4 people)
Price:Tour fee of ¥10,000/pp
Tour Fee Includes:Light meals and drinks at several restaurants and bars with a friendly English speaking guide.
Tour Fee Not Included:Transportation fee to the meeting point.
Duration:Approx. 2.5 hours
Cancellation Policy:No refunds without exception for no-shows or cancellations within 120 hours of start of tour.
Weather:This tour is not cancelled for weather except in extreme circumstances (e.g., typhoons) in which case we will contact you and refund your payment in full.
Physical Activity:Light Walking
*Please wear comfortable shoes.
Wi-fi:Public wi-fi is not available along most of the route of this tour.
Photos/Protocols:Your guide will advise but photography is allowed for most parts of the tour.
Directions to Starting Point:JR Kanda Station
Note:*Please indicate any food allergies in advance.
*Guide contact will be provided after you register.

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