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If you are a big fan of samurai movies, or learning martial arts, AND have a chance of traveling in Japan, you may be eager to see Japanese swords, katana. But where can you see them? First option is museums. Tokyo National Museum in Ueno.

On the first floor of the main building, you can enjoy collections of precious swords, some of them are registered as national treasure. And the second option is The Japanese Sword Museum in Ryogoku, which locates at just beside the National Sumo Stadium. This is the only museum in Japan that exhibits only Japanese sword all year round.

The pros of enjoying swords in museums is that you can appreciate very precious antique swords there. Some of them are made in the 8th century but still very shiny and beautiful. You will be astonished the fact that people more than 1,100 years ago had skills to create beautiful iron product, as well as that those swords have been kept and transferred during such long time. On the other hand, the cons of visiting museums to see swords is that you can only see them through glasses. The swords are exhibit in the showcase and of course you are not allowed to touch them.

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