Why cherry blossom, sakura, blooms almost at the same timing all over Japan?
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You may be surprised to hear that all sakura, cherry trees in Japan are clones grafted from a single tree.

During end of March and beginning of April is the cherry blossom season when tourists and locals rush to enjoy the beautiful but short-lived pale pink flowers. It is the type of sakura called Somei Yoshino that we see almost everywhere in Japan and that Japan Meteorological Agency gives forecast when it fully blooms in major cities. Somei Yoshino blooms at same timing under the same condition as they all have same genes. It is said that Somei Yoshino was first created at Somei village in Tokyo from Edohigan and Oshimazakura breeds in the late 19th century. By that time, enjoying cherry blossoms had nearly a one thousand year history and the passion to seek for more beautiful blossoms must have led to creating a new breed. It spread widely in the nation after world war II and became the most common cherry blossom breed as its beautiful pale pink flowers were highly preferred. Somei Yoshino trees cannot produce seeds alone and, therefore, they have been increased by grafting. Imagine the passion and energy that people spent in planting all over nation!

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