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koi travel, Murakami walking tour

Murakami town walking is a perfect short excursion to know traditional Japanese culture during your ski holiday in Niigata. This cozy small town well remains old buildings and atmosphere.

The real thrill of the journey in Japan is to visit rural area and feel the local people’s lives. Here in Murakami, more than 100 years old wooden houses are reserved and people are still living there. You can vividly feel how people are living in this historical environment. If you visit there during winter and early spring, you would witness dried salmons are hung under the eaves- very typical scenery in this area.
• Meet the guide at Niigata station at 10:30 (it’s about 2 hours from Tokyo by bullet train)
• Arrive at Murakami station
• Lunch at local Read More

koi travel, hina doll, Murakami walking

Hina-doll festival is usually not available to the public as it is a private celebration for daughters at home. But in Murakami, you can stroll through the historical merchant’s town and appreciate the hina-dolls displayed in traditional wooden houses.

Hina-doll festival is celebrated in March. But this town also has other seasonal events such as traditional gardens visit in early summer, summer festival and byobu (painted wind wall) displaying festival in autumn. It is a very cozy town with rich history and culture – perfect for exploring on foot.

• Meet the guide at Niigata station at 10:30. (it’s about 2 hours from Tokyo by bullet train)
• After arriving in Murakami, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant (local cuisine)
• Stroll through the town in the afternoon and enjoy the hina-dolls inside Read More

koi travel, sake brewery visit

Crisp air and water make winter the best season for sake brewing. On this tour, we will visit two sake breweries and witness the process of sake making. Once you step into the brewery, you catch the fresh, mellow fragrance of sake. After the tour in the brewery, let’s taste fresh sake and compare the different labels.

  • Meet the guide at Niigata station (it’s about 2 hours from Tokyo by bullet train)
  • Lunch at a local restaurant and enjoy local unique cuisine
  • After lunch, visit the first sake brewery and enjoy tasting afterwards.
  • Visit a family operated small sake brewery and tasting afterwards. Enjoy the differences of the breweries!
  • Visit the sake museum and enjoy dinner as much as you want. Sake from almost all breweries in Niigata region is waiting for you.
  • Depart Niigata station at Read More