How to worship at a temple and a shrine? What are the differences?
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The basic actions you have to take in either shrine or temple are similar. First of all, keep in your mind that it is a holly place that you have to show resect. Then as follows.

Step1. Enter the site walking under the gate. Inside the site is regarded as holy.

Step2. Wash your hands and mouth at a place for ritual cleansing. Hold the ladle with your right hand and pour water on your left hand. Do the same with your left hand to clean your right hand. Then hold the ladle with right hand again to wash your mouth.

Only in Temples; After washing hands, you would find an incense burner. Wave your hands over the smoke to clean yourself with the smoke.

Step3. Worship. Here, you have to follow different manner in shrine or temple. At shrine, give a small coin as an offering, bow twice, clap your hands twice, appreciate and pray for the god, and clap your hands twice again. At temple, take the bell if there is (do not make a big sound), give a small coin as an offering, bow once, join your hands, appreciate and pray for the Buddha with your eyes closed, and bow once again.

Now you understand the difference and can visit either temples or shrines without any fear!
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