Which style of sword to order?
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Since the high prestige sword is made-to-order, you have to decide the style of the sword. Style of a sword is composed with many elements such as total length, degree of curve, form of point, design of the blade, etc.. If you do not have specific idea, the best way is to leave the decision to the sword smith. After asking you several questions such as “Gift? Who? Relationship between you and him? He prefers simplicity or gorgeousness?”, he would start making perfect one for you. Or if you have a specific image, tell the details. If you have a photo or paintings of the sword you love, send it to the sword master.

Lastly, let me inform you something very important. Some country PROHIBIT FROM IMPORTING SWORD. UK, for example, does not allow to import knives with curved blade over 50cm. Therefore, please check the regulation of your country before ordering! But sword smiths can make sword shooter than 50cm, too. When you oder, please let the sword know this, too.

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