What if the sake you try is not as good as you expected
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When you’ve been to a good Japanese restaurant in your country, you may have tried sake. But was it really good? Maybe yes, it should have been so fantastic. But if you were unlucky, you might have tasted something untasty. Why?

Unlike wine, most of sake (even the ones in foreign markets) do not contain sulfites or any other antioxidant. Which means, Sake is fragile to the change of temperature and air. Unstable temperature and oxygen easily damage the flavor and taste. Sake bottles should be treated very carefully to keep the temperature at the same level. And once the bottle was opened, you have to finish it within a day. However, some restaurants keep big bottles (1800ml bottle is common for restaurant’s inventory) open for long time, sometimes keep it in warm and cold kitchen. Poor sake that was kept in such bad condition changes the quality totally different from the original!

Then how can you find good sake? Try to find a popular restaurant which many customers order sake. The more order customers make, the faster the bottles get empty -so you can expect to drink newly opened bottle. Or go to restaurants operated by a Japanese chef. Japanese chef would never leave sake in bad condition.

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