Daiginjo and ginjo; highly polished rice makes the sake with great flavor
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If you already know the basics about sake, you should know the categories such as daiginjo, ginjo, and junmai-shu. It is well known that daiginjo is the most expensive one. Why? Because the category mentioned above is defined by the percentage of rice polishing, and more than 50% of the rice surface should be polished to make daiginjo. The surface of the rice is polished in order to remove smell of the rice skin. (A piece of rice is approximately 5mm high and 2mm wide; imagine how delicate process it is.)

Daiginjo and ginjo, both composed with a term “ginjo”(吟醸), have fruitful flavor and it is suitable for beginners or white wine lovers. Daiginjo is the sake that only uses more than 50% polished rice. The unique fruitful flavor is the strongest and it is the best to enjoy itself as an aperitif or with light appetizers. Ginjo, the percentage of rice polishing should be between 40% to 50%, is also fruitful but with a bit of sweetness or taste of rice. It is great to enjoy with vegetable appetizer, sasimi, or vegetable tempura.

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